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About Zorgtours

About Zorgtours

Zorgtours was founded by Richard Prins. He is the managing director of Zorgdetail Ltd, a nationwide healthcare organisation that works with Zorgtours. This healthcare organisation has many years of experience and expertise in complex, challenging and adaptivecare

Going on holiday is not something taken for granted by people who are dependent on such support. That is why Zorgtours organises chaperoned holidays with nursing care, specialist (medical) care and daily support. Zorgtours does make it possible! 

Professional Support 

Zorgtours’ nurses, carers and chaperones all have a wealth of experience and the relevant diplomas. Zorgtours’ chaperoned holidays are completely taken care of. Every detail has been considered. In short, chaperoned travel with Zorgtours equals a relaxed holiday, just like holidays are meant to be! 

Care is always close by 

During the fully arranged and chaperoned journey, our professional healthcare service is always on hand to provide care or practical support day and night. Professional support is always close by during the journey there and the return trip, as well as at the destination itself and during excursions and outings. 

Anything is possible 

Travelling abroad can be quite demanding when you need daily medical care, treatment or support. That is why we take the time to get to know you before the trip starts. We want to know exactly what kind of care or assistance you need. We discuss all of the possibilities available to you on your chaperoned trip and that’s bound to be a lot more than you realise!  

The ultimate vacation feeling

Zorgtours’ chaperoned holidays have three set ingredients: sun, sea and sand. This combination represents the perfect holiday as far as we are concerned. We do everything to make your trip a success. Come with us on Zorgtours and enjoy the ultimate vacation feeling!

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